News and Events

Hey everyone,

Well here we are. NECYPAA is currently expected to be held this year. If anything changes to the venue or quarantine restrictions happen, who knows, there will be updates regularly.

The NECYPAA host committee meets every last sunday of each month at the Serenity Club in Springfield, Massachusetts located at 143 Main St. in the Monkey Wrench Building on the second floor. Get involved and get active in this fantastic committee.

Please download this flyer we have and any others we post up here and post it anywhere you feel applicable

Here are some amazing events in the up coming months including a campout, that NECYPAA host is co-hosting with MSCYPAA. The campout is a fantastic idea for those excited to be out of quarantine for a great weekend of recovery and relaxing. There is no Certificate of Compliance required any more if travelling from an outside state, because Vermont is in Stage 3 of the covid plan.

If you would like more details on this and to pre register, head on over to their website for all of that information at